Our first English issue (ePaper only) is online. It consists of translations of articles already published in the German version of the “berufsbildung”.

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Special Issue 1 (May 2015): 

Research on VET in Germany – present topics and results

Editors: Marianne Friese, Dietmar Frommberger and Karin Rebmann


Marianne Friese    

Subjective Theories of Knowledge and Learning 
Karin Rebmann, Tobias Schlömer, Florian Berding and Manuela Paechter

Business Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching and Learning 
Jürgen Seifried

VET Equality       
Sandra Bohlinger and Dietmar Frommberger

Skilled Labor Changes 
Tim Unger and Martin Frenz

Challenges and Perspectives for Vocational School Teacher Training 
Uwe Faßhauer and Josef Rützel

The School-Based VET System:
A Remnant, or an Innovation Opportunity for Vocational Education?
Marianne Friese

Ways and Bridges between VET and Higher Education in Germany 
Dietmar Frommberger

Sustainable Development as a Future Program for
Quality Management at Vocational Schools
Tobias Schlömer

VET Quality 
Theoretical Approaches and Assessment Perspectives
Martin Fischer

Knowledge Reporting:
The Development of Professional Employment Competence 
Karin Rebmann and Tobias Schlömer

Didactic-Curricular VET Developments in Germany 
Dietmar Frommberger

Inclusion – A Contribution to Address the Challenges of Demographic Change 
Importance and potential of inclusive education for vocational education
Peter Sicking

Transitions in Vocational Education 
Theoretical Approaches and Assessment Perspectives
Manfred Eckert



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current version as ePaper